APP4: Puzzle #5 - Madam Librarian was a "Hard" level puzzle for Auburn Puzzle Party 4: Auburn Puzzle Patrol. It was one of four puzzles themed for the Librarian villain.

APP4 Puzzle 5 - Madam Librarian

APP4 Puzzle 5 - Madam Librarian

Puzzle video

Video transcript Edit

My life of villainy began when a young man tried to court me at my workplace in River City. Ah, he caused such a ruckus with his song... so I killed him.
In any case, should you travel to our own university library, you'll find peace, quiet, and a clue to the location of a Puzzle Patrol Badge by tracking down call number ML3838 .B6.
Perhaps you can learn a thing or two from that young man's ill-advised musical flirtation...

Meta Edit

In "How Musical Is Man?", a manilla envelope with sheets of paper with the following numbers written could be found:

  • 11 28 3
  • 8 42 14 19 37
  • 70 9 40 94 31 87 73 136

Hints Edit

  • "You need to go to the library in person and find that book before we can do anything."
  • "Yes sir we've got trouble. Why would she mention her hometown anyway?"
  • "This story sounds like something that would be in a song. Maybe the message has to be decoded using the lyrics to a particular song?"
  • “Using the lyrics to that song, those numbers should correspond to particular letters and spell out a message.”

Solution Edit

By piecing apart the lyrics to "Marian the Librarian" from "The Music Man", you can find that the 11th letter of the lyrics is R, the 28th letter is E, etc.

The message reads "RED BENCH BRUSTERS"