APP4: Puzzle #4 - Open All Year For Villainy was a "Medium" level puzzle for Auburn Puzzle Party 4: Auburn Puzzle Patrol. It was one of four puzzles themed for the Librarian villain.

APP4 Puzzle 4 - Open All Year For Villainy

APP4 Puzzle 4 - Open All Year For Villainy

Puzzle video

Video transcript Edit

Let me tell you a story about a young man I once knew:

"Reed Kellogg loves to go to the library. His favorite books are about lords and beautiful ladies. When it is time to go home, he chooses several books to check out first. When he gets home, he goes straight to his room. He spreads out his new books on the floor and admires them. Reed takes very good care of the library books. He knows the Librarian is always watching. If he steps on them or writes in the margins or bends their pages, she will get him."

Careful readers may find the location of a Puzzle Patrol Badge hidden in my story. Study up, children. Hahahaha!

Meta Edit

The list of applicants was as follows:

  • Charlie Chase, N.D., J.F.
    • The Evil That Men Do by R. Lance Hill
  • Bart Brown, J.J.A., S.O.
    • A Wanted Man by Nancy J. Parra
  • Eric Evans, M.A., M.J.
    • The Greatest Crime by Sloan Wilson
  • Andrea Anderson, J.F.M., A.M.
    • This Dame for Hire by Sandra Scoppettone
  • David Dixon, M.R., S.A.
    • Everybody Kills Somebody Sometime by Robert J. Randisi

Hints Edit

  • "I find it odd that their names all begin with a letter between A and E."
  • "All you have to do is figure out what sets one of them apart from the others. Is there a pattern involving these people?"
  • "Why is the puzzle called 'Open All Year for Villainy'? Don’t henchmen deserve vacations too? They should get a month off here or there."
  • “Put the names in alphabetical order. There should be a pattern in the accreditations, related to the puzzle title. The name whose accreditations doesn’t fit that pattern is the guy you want.”

Solution Edit

David Dixon’s accreditation letters are the only ones which aren't in the order of the months of the year. His book held the correct Badge.