APP4: Puzzle #3 - The Path to Literacy was a "Medium" level puzzle for Auburn Puzzle Party 4: Auburn Puzzle Patrol. It was one of four puzzles themed for the Librarian villain.

APP4 Puzzle 3 - The Path to Literacy

APP4 Puzzle 3 - The Path to Literacy

Puzzle video

Video transcript Edit

When word got out that I had dismissed my sidekick, I started advertising for a new assistant. You will find one of my flyers posted on a telephone pole near the city library, where five would-be applicants have already signed up.

While most of their accreditations seem to fit a particular pattern, one in particular seems to stand out. You should seek out that applicant's favorite book at the City Library; you'll find a Puzzle Patrol Badge.

Simple, right? However, if you should seek out the wrong book, you will find a fake Puzzle Patrol Badge that subtracts Points. Be careful, now. Hahahaha!

Meta Edit

Attached to this video was a picture of a young man walking into a library. (Picture currently missing.)

Hints Edit

  • "I believe I've read about a 'Reed-Kellogg' somewhere. Have you tried looking him up on the internet?"
  • “What crude branches those trees have.”
  • "Those leaves look suspiciously like numbers. Perhaps there's a hidden message in this tale?"
  • “Diagram the sentences and match the diagrams with the trees. Something about those words might yield a message.”

Solution Edit

The trees along the road are Reed-Kellogg diagrams of the sentences in the story. The numbers correspond to letters that make up the phrase "Willow Hall Bus Stop."

Unfortunately, there was no bus stop there - organizers had mistaken a bike rack/cover for a bus stop, which understandably caused confusion for some teams.