Message From The Informant was the puzzle brought by Team 2 (Steven Clontz and James Dabbs) to Puzzle Potluck II. It also served as a teaser for the following puzzlehunt, APP5: Puzzle Patrol II.


A detailed description of the puzzle may be found on this Google Document.

Relation to APP5Edit

The following excerpts of a letter written by the Commissioner foreshadowed plot points for the upcoming Puzzle Patrol sequel.

"I have received this unrelated delivery: a seemingly inconspicuous DVD playing a mysterious song. Of course, as the sender is none other than our own Informant, I have reason to believe this DVD contains a message. As such, time is of the essence! With our City’s greatest heroes out on Patrol, I need your help to figure out what our Informant is saying."

"PS: You may have heard, but our good friend Butler is engaged to be married on the weekend of October 20th, 2012! While we should hope the nuptials will take place without any trouble, you never know what may happen... We hope to see you at Auburn Puzzle Party 5: Puzzle Patrol II, heroes!

The encoded message was the following:



No teams solved the puzzle on the day of the event. Many teams cited frustration with the speed of the Morse code message, and the lack of clues to flip the DVD over.