APP4: Puzzle #2 - Teen Ine's Tip was an "Easy" level puzzle for Auburn Puzzle Party 4: Auburn Puzzle Patrol. It was one of four puzzles themed for the Librarian villain.

APP4 Puzzle 2 - Teen Ine's Tip

APP4 Puzzle 2 - Teen Ine's Tip

Puzzle video

Video transcript Edit

As you probably know, I despise texting. Seeing those kids abuse the English language with their LOLs and OMGs makes me want to kidnap a schoolbus of children and brainwash them all into writing essays for fun.

So you can imagine my disgust when I discovered that my old sidekick Bookworm was a closet texter himself. I immediately disowned him; he's trying to make it as a villain himself these days, using the alias "Teen Ine".

I shared with him the hidden location of one of my Puzzle Patrol Badges. Before you try to take me on, you should try to text him at [redacted], and see how you fare against his meager attempt at puzzle making.

I predict you'll fail, of course.

Meta Edit

In response to any text to the number in the video, the message "SIDE GIFT BADGER BUG OLDE USABLE CATHY SMOOT" was sent in reply.

Hints Edit

"Teen Ine... that sounds like a homophone for something."

"He likes texting... how can that message be related to a cell phone?"

“I’ve got it - T9 text prediction. I wonder if you can find an emulator for it on the internet?”

“Why is the word ‘badger’ part of the message?”

Solution Edit

Using T9Word to spell out all but the last letter, you get the message "SHE HID BADGE AT OLD TRACK BATH ROOM".

A Puzzle Patrol Badge could been found in the women's restroom at the old track bathrooms near Beard-Eaves Colosseum.