Often puzzle party organizers will make restrictions on how Teams can be composed based on the player data compiled from the results of previous games.

The DataEdit

A spreadsheet of player data may be found at


Often, party organizers make restrictions on team membership based on previous participation in area puzzle parties.

For example, a team may be allotted 46 points, with each player worth (6 points) - (1 point if from out of town) + (1 point per trophy won). This allows up to 9 players if every player was from out of town (and only one player owns a single trophy). However, as players earn more trophies, it becomes more difficult for them to team up together. The theory is that such systems will discourage the formation of "superteams" of very talented players.


A few interesting statistics about puzzle parties in Auburn as of Summer 2012.

  • The first puzzle party, Eric's Puzzle Party in 2004, had 21 participants (including the organizer). The maximum attendance was 2010's APP4: Auburn Puzzle Patrol, which had 75 players and organizers.
  • 61 different players have won at least one puzzle party. 20 have won at least two.
  • Only five players have "perfect attendance": Robert Ford, Tim Hardwick, Eric Harshbarger, Kelly Hollingsworth, and Michael Hollingsworth.
    • If puzzle potlucks are disregarded, Tracy Cobbs also boasts perfect attendance.