Mini Auburn Puzzle Party (MAPP) is a proposed new puzzlehunt series to take place semi-annually in the Auburn area. The first event was originally planned to be organized by User:Steven.clontz during Winter 2013/2014, but has been indefinitely postponed. Steven's goal for this series is to establish smaller-scale competitions (2-5 hours in length, no more than 30 players) which can be used as a stepping stone for new designers to cut their teeth, or to experiment with alternative gameplay elements.

Mini Auburn Puzzle Party 1Edit

MAPP1 is still in the planning stages, but here's the tentative plan:

  • 12 unteamed players will register to play
  • The organizer will divide the players into four teams of three players each, attempting to evenly distribute trophies amongst each team as best as possible.
  • The game consists of three rounds, each containing two puzzles within 40 minutes.
  • Teams will be paired up to work together on the puzzles each round, so that each team is paired up with every other team once by the end of the game.
  • A metagame/metapuzzle will take place after each round, details of which will remain secret until the day of the game.
  • In total the game should take 3-4 hours, or about the length of a typical Potluck.

A playtest with 4-6 players will occur earlier if possible. An official announcement will be made during Summer 2013's Puzzle Potluck 4.