EPP11: Puzzle Potluck I (tagline: "The only thing harder than solving a good puzzle, is making a good puzzle") is the first official puzzle potluck organized in Auburn. Like all EPPs, Puzzle Potluck I was headed up by Eric Harshbarger. Charles Pilman and Erin McMullin emerged as victors from the competition.

The event's website may be found at


Puzzle Potluck I included 10 puzzles, nine of which were designed by each participating team, and the last of which was designed by Eric Harshbarger. Each puzzle (besides Eric's) was worth exactly 0 or 100 points, and was judged by the puzzle's creators between each round. Eric's puzzle was a variable-scoring puzzle worth anywhere between 0 and 100 points.

In addition, each team earned a score of up to 100 based on how enjoyable their puzzle was (as ranked by the other teams), and another score of up to 100 based on how many teams solved the puzzle (with a goal of a 50% solution rate).



Each Team number corresponds to the creator of the above puzzle.

  1. Robert Ford and Emily Norman
  2. Andrew and Jennifer Thomas
  3. Michael and Kelly Hollingsworth
  4. Steven and Jessica Clontz
  5. Erin McMullin and Charles Pilman (winners)
  6. Tim Hardwick and Edward Boudreaux
  7. Amy Steinkampf and Calvin Thomas
  8. Alex Byaly and Kristin Courtney
  9. Anna Wan and Daniel Brice