The Auburn Puzzler was an enigmatic figure in Auburn puzzling lore, active in the spring and summer of 2009.

His/her Facebook page may be found at


In Spring 2009, flyers posing as For Rent notices were posted around Parker Hall encoding the first message from the Puzzler. A link to a Facebook Page was provided in this flyer.

In "Game 1", players were lead across Auburn's campus following flyer to flyer, ultimately ending up in Haley Center, infamously a figurative labyrinth of classrooms and bulletin boards. The result of the game was the Puzzler's email address.

In "Game 2" the Puzzler organized a several weeks-long event over the summer loosely based on the game Clue. Detective Alan Parnell was trying to discover who murdered Mr. Boddy. Six events, each about a week apart, comprised mini puzzle hunts which lead to the testimony of a character from Clue. Put together, the clues described a logic puzzle, which the players solved at McAllister's Deli. The Puzzle left a gift card for their meal at the deli. The official blog for the event was

While a third game was announced, the Puzzler has been inactive since Summer 2009.

Current StatusEdit

The Puzzler posted to his Facebook page about JM's Great Game in April 2012.

In October 2012 at the conclusion of Auburn Puzzle Party 5, the Puzzler was revealed to be the creation of Steven Clontz and Charles McPillan. More details can be found at the APP5 Wrap-Up page.