Auburn Puzzle Party 5: Puzzle Patrol II was the sequel to 2010's APP4: Auburn Puzzle Patrol and is the continuation of the Auburn Puzzle Party series. It was organized by Steven Clontz and many other returning APP4 organizers. The event began on October 20, 2012 and ended on the next day, October 21.


The Commissioner regroups the Puzzle Patrol to face off against a new villain, the Maitre D, who first appears upon the disappearance of Butler on the day of his wedding to Dr. Professor. Another new villain TechnoNerd appears alongside returning baddies King Rook and Librarian.

Players earned points by solving the villains' puzzles, each of which led to the location of a Puzzle Patrol Badge. They also fought rival gangs in the metagame Puzzle Rumble II: The Streets.


Playlist of all APP5 Videos: YouTube link


APP5 featured the launch of the open-source Puzzle Party Console, which was hosted at Players could register online, and Captains could claim their team through the website. During the game, players logged into the website to view puzzles and submit solutions. Alternately, a QR Code could be scanned in lieu of typing the solution into the website.


APP5 was only possible through the combined efforts of many people, many of whom were Math graduate students at Auburn University.

  • Head Organizer
    • Steven Clontz
      Puzzle design / Website programming / Video editing / Actor ("Commissioner") / Logistics
  • Main Organizers
    • Kelly Bragan
      Puzzle design / Actor ("Librarian")
    • Daniel Brice
      Puzzle design
    • Alex Byaly
      Opening puzzle design / Metagame design
    • James Dabbs
      Website programming
    • Charles McPillan
      Puzzle design / Actor ("Butler" and "Maitre D")
    • Erin McPillan
      Puzzle design / Actor ("Dr. Professor")
    • Zachary Sarver
      Puzzle design / Actor ("TechnoNerd")
    • Scott Varagona
      Puzzle design / Actor ("King Rook")
  • Music
  • Special Thanks
    • John Asplund
    • Johnathan Barnett
      Puzzle Rock dancer
    • Alan Bertl
      Puzzle Rock dancer
    • Joseph Chaffee
      Puzzle Rock dancer
    • Jessica Clontz
      Steven's wife / Humors him while every day he's puzzling
    • Phillip Clontz
      General gameday assistance
    • Kristin Courtney
      Puzzle Rock dancer
    • James Hammer
    • Jessica Godwin
      Puzzle Rock dancer
    • Victoria Lam
      Metagame assistance
    • Andrew Owens
      Playtester / General gameday assistance
    • Mark Peterson
    • Eric Ratcliffe
      Playtester / Metagame assistance
    • Frank Sturm


Post MortemEdit

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