Auburn Puzzle Party 4: Auburn Puzzle Patrol was a puzzlehunt organized by "Blue Team" (the winning team from APP3: Quantum Leap) in the Fall of 2010. Its theme was the formation of "Auburn Puzzle Patrol", a superhero group dedicated to defeating the evil "Enigmatic Legion". The Black Team, captained by Tim Hardwick, won the event.

Its original (and now defunct) website was at the address


  • Main Organizers
    • Steven Clontz
    • Charles Pilman
    • Alex Byaly
    • Scott Varagona
    • Kelly Bragan
    • Daniel Brice
    • Anna Wan
    • James Dabbs
  • Assisted by
    • Jonathan Clark
    • Jessica Clontz
    • James Hammer
    • Erin McMullin
    • Zack Sarver


The Commissioner (played by Steven Clontz) has been tasked with organizing the first ever Auburn Puzzle Patrol to protect the city from an unknown yet imminent threat. This threat soon reveals itself as the Enigmatic Legion: a supervillain group comprised of the Librarian (played by Kelly Bragan), King Rook (played by Scott Varagona), Compass Rose (played by Daniel Brice), and Blackjack (played by Anna Wan).

With the assistance of Butler (played by Charles Pilman) and Informant (played by Alex Byaly), the Commissioner turns the neutralization of this threat into a competition - the team that takes down the Enigmatic Legion becomes the Auburn Puzzle Patrol!


APP4 included 20 puzzles, including an opening run-around/"Henchman" puzzle, 16 regular puzzles, and four metapuzzles / "boss" puzzles.

Team formation allowed for large teams with no cap on "ability" level. Teams could be composed of up to eight players, with a ninth or tenth player allowed if sufficiently many new players were a part of the team.

Each puzzle was worth 100 to 500 points, and the team with the most points at the end of the game emerged the victor.



In a self-described "brilliantly stupid fashion", Clontz lost the team listing for this event.


  • Permission was granted by Ronald Jenkees for the use of his music in APP4.